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10% PHC Afghan Hash / Legal Alternative HHC

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The PHC Afghan Hash is an exclusive blend that combines the traditional flavors and properties of Afghan hash with the calming properties of PHC. This product offers an authentic experience for connoisseurs who love the characteristic taste profiles and relaxing effects of Afghan hash, while adding the potential benefits of PHC. Carefully selected plants and precise manufacturing ensure a high-quality and enjoyable experience.

10% PHC Afghan Hash is a product derived from special cannabis strains and contains a high percentage of PHC. This hashish offers an intense and authentic cannabis experience as it is rich in desired cannabinoids. PHC products are appreciated by many cannabis enthusiasts who want to enjoy the diverse effects of cannabinoids.

It is important to note that the effects of PHC products may vary depending on the cannabinoid profile. THC can have psychoactive effects, while CBD can have a calming effect. Therefore, it is advisable to consider the desired effects and one's own tolerance level before using PHC products.

Our 10% PHC Afghan Hash offers you the opportunity to experience the world of cannabinoids in a high-quality and enjoyable product. Try it out and discover the diverse aspects of this fascinating active ingredient complex.

All packages are shipped in discreet packaging and are largely odor-neutral as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions about H4CBD

Can H4CBD get you "high"? Yes, H4CBD is psychoactive. Unfortunately, most information about its effects comes from user reports, which are highly subjective. H4CBD product manufacturers support this by claiming that H4CBD is approximately 30–40% as potent as THC.

H4CBD, the abbreviation for H4CBD, is a hydrogenated form of THC that naturally occurs in cannabis strains. H4CBD is also considered semi-synthetic when it is hydrogenated from THC. It is believed to have about 30-40% of the potency of THC, which means it is stronger than Delta-8 and Delta-10.

Since H4CBD is technically not THC, products with low THC content are legal in most EU countries. Our products are below the threshold of 0.17% and are therefore legally available in Germany.

Like most cannabinoids, H4CBD is obtained by altering the molecular chemistry of other cannabinoids that are present in larger quantities. Thus, commercial H4CBD is produced from CBD through chemical processes and is naturally derived.