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Frequently Asked Questions

HHC, short for Hexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenated form of THC that naturally occurs in cannabis strains. Its potency is similar to THC-9 at about 70-80%.

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Since HHC is technically not THC, products with low THC content are legal in most EU countries. Our products are below the threshold of 0.17% and are therefore legally available in Germany.

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Can HHC get you "high"? Yes, HHC is psychoactive. HHC is approximately 70–80% as potent as THC-9 and a "high" can vary from one consumer to another.

Many opt for HHC Buds, but HHC Vapes are also trending.

To place an order on hhcpoint.de, you must be at least 18 years old.

Like most cannabinoids, HHC is derived by altering the molecular chemistry of other cannabinoids that are present in larger quantities. HHC is produced from CBD and obtained naturally.

Many non-smokers use HHC oils to take advantage of the effects of the ingredients.

Currently, we offer "Bank Transfer (Prepayment)" and "Cash on Delivery" as payment methods during the ordering process. PayPal, Klarna & Co. are excluded due to the Vapes assortment in our shop.

As of December 2022: With the provider VivaWallet, we will offer additional payment methods such as SOFORT, MasterCard & Visa.

4 steps until your order arrives at your doorstep.

1. Place your order on hhc.wien
2. Transfer the invoice amount to the account of hhc.wien
3. After payment is received, your order will be promptly dispatched (approx. 4-7 days)
4. You will receive tracking information upon shipment

You can reach our support at: info@hhc.wien

Shipping costs are €3.90 within Austria for orders up to €29.99. From €30.00, you can order from hhc.wien with free shipping. We always send Priority and with Austrian Post tracking.

Contact hhc.wien

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